Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Personal Conservation

(From 10/22/08)

When I was first married I thought being a good wife meant preparing from-scratch dinners each night. I also thought when I had children I would prepare hot breakfasts because that is so much better for them than simple cold cereal.

Sixteen years into marriage I am singing the praises of Stouffer's frozen lasagna and I think the last time the kids had a hot breakfast was when I made egg casserole for dinner last week. Needless to say, we are quite the connoisseurs of anything that comes frozen-ready-to-cook and breakfast cereal.

A few months ago Meijer had their peanut butter cereal on sale. The kids are always asking for sugar cereals but in an attempt to be somewhat true to the good mother I thought I’d be, I’ve always said no. But the sale was good and every now and again a sugar cereal won’t hurt, so I picked it up.

When I brought it home you’d have thought I’d struck gold. “Thank you so much, Mom!” “Wow! Good cereal!” And in three days the good cereal was gone and we were back to Cheerios and Wheaties. Then the griping began: “You had more than I did.” “Well, I’m 14 and bigger so I need more.” “I wish we had that good cereal again.”

Please note: we are arguing over breakfast cereal. This is a sign things in our world are going pretty well.

Anyway, this week the cereal was on sale again. And this time I think I’ve solved the complaining problem:

They each get their own box and when it’s gone, it’s gone, not to be replaced until the next Meijer sale. Amy and Rebecca chose to decorate their boxes; Mr. Neat wanted his left pristine.

And the funniest thing is happening. Since they know the supply is limited they are self-rationing. I’m sure I could take this scenario and apply it to the political world today but I'll save that for the politicos.

Rebeccca put smiley faces on all the puffs.