Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A tale of three cameras

We took three cameras to London: mine, Rebecca’s and Michael’s. I figured we’d all have pretty similar pictures, just from different angles, and that would make the photo album sing with perspective.

I should have known better.

Here’s an example of one of my pictures:

You can tell I took this because there are people in it. Yes, there’s a famous bridge in the background but there are people, people I know and love. I want to look back on the pictures and see my loved ones and reminisce when we flip through the album.

Here’s an example of one of Rebecca’s pictures:

This girl has quite an eye. You never know what she’s going to find intriguing. Some of her pictures are so interesting, but they’re nothing like mine because most don’t include people. Or if they do:

 they are framed in unique ways. She took this one through a hole in a leaf.

And here’s an example of one of Michael’s pictures:

Why, someone please tell me, why didn’t I know without a shadow of doubt that he would take pictures of cars, and only cars?  Take a look at this screenshot from my pictures library:

He took over 100 pictures of cars. I had to make a separate folder for all his pictures.

Again, someone tell me what I was thinking? We’re in a different country with different cars; this was a no-brainer.

While this wasn't what I had in mind, I think it's even better. Because nothing will remind me more of Michael and Rebecca's personalities and interests during October, 2011 than these pictures.

But I must admit, I prefer mine:

Love those sweet faces!