Monday, November 14, 2011

Dalmatian Plantation

Rebecca’s performance of 101 Dalmatians went off without a hitch. The kids all did a great job and Rebecca had four proud grandparents and two crazy-proud parents in the audience for both shows. Love seeing that girl on stage; she just lights up and smiles like crazy.

I was helping out behind the scenes, so I didn’t get too many pictures; thankfully Sean and his dad took a few for me.  And I’m stealing some from friends’ Facebook pages for my photo album.

Rebecca and part of the cast. The kids standing up were the chihuahuas, and the kids in the row behind her were the narrators. The kids with the spotted hats were, well, the dalmatians.

With Sean's parents - missed a picture with mine, unfortunately.

Rebecca and her Dad. She was a great Anita!