Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time waits for no mom

We made a second trip to Michael’s number one college pick on Monday. This visit was much more productive than the first as we circumvented the admissions office and went straight to the director of the department. Our friends MG and Jeff know this professor and let me use their names to get the meeting – it really does matter who you know sometimes – and I am so thankful they encouraged us to take a second look because we left Monday with a much different opinion of the school than after the first visit.

Looking at schools and talking about college with Michael feels a lot like the few months leading up to our move to Michigan. When Sean first told me we were going it was October but the kids and I didn’t move until April. Those months were busy and almost exciting. But then the moving truck came and we left our house and it became pretty stinkin’ real. Which is exactly what is going to happen next fall when Michael leaves. It sounds so exciting now; I don’t think I’ll be feeling all that giddy when we pull away from the school in September with an empty seat in the car.

On our way up to the school on Monday, Michael and I ran into McDonald’s to get a drink for the ride. As we walked out, a little girl, all of two, walked in with her daddy, singing, “Come on, Daddy! Come on, Daddy!” She was all smiles and curly hair and you just wanted to squeeze her up. And I looked at my little guy, who’s now a good six inches taller than I am, and all I wanted to do was grab that father and say, “Take your time this morning. Because before you know it, you’ll be driving that cute little baby of yours to college. And even though you’ll be so proud of her and who she’s become, you won’t believe it’s time to let her go.”

You know the "old parents” who are always telling younger parents, “Enjoy them while you have them!” Guess what? Turns out they're right.

Time waits for no man.   Unless that man is Chuck Norris