Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Monday

Brace yourself for some major creativity: This week, I’m going to focus on things I’m thankful for. I know, groundbreaking stuff this week of Thanksgiving. Hope you can handle it.

Today, I’m thankful for friends. My pastor mentioned yesterday that it’s one thing to be friendly; it’s entirely another to actually make friends. He was talking about how we should not just greet newcomers but welcome them into our lives, and I can attest to the fact that our church is very, very good at that. So many folks did more than simply say, "Hello," when we joined; they welcomed us into their homes and lives. Pretty sure I’d still be in a move-induced cry-fest if that hadn’t happened.

May we all find friends like this!
I’m also thankful for my friends from home who haven’t let a few hundred miles end our relationship. Thank the Lord for email and Facebook and cell phones with unlimited minutes! (And Kathy, thanks for inspiring this post with your phone call last week! I miss you, friend.)

A new friendship I’m experiencing lately is with my two oldest children. Michael and Amy are getting to the age where we are transitioning from full-on involvement in their lives to advisors. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still actively involved in what’s going on (they are teenagers for crying out loud) but they’re making a lot of their own decisions about what to do and who to do it with, and Sean and I are both so thankful that the majority of their choices are wise. I am really looking forward to this new stage in our relationship.

I’m thankful for my friendship with my husband. Sounds cliché, I realize, but it is very, very true.

And I’m thankful for friends of this blog. I appreciate you more than I can say. Thanks for spending a few minutes here a few times a week; this little corner of the internet would be very lonely without you!

Who are you thankful for?