Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Wednesday

Yesterday all three kids had plans from 4 – 9:30. With them gone, I thought I’d plan a lovely in-home date for me and Sean. I made a yummy soup, cleared the table (okay, fine, moved everything to the opposite end), set the table, poured the tea, and waited for the call that meant Sean was on the way.

Building the Acadia, Enclave and Traverse
I got a call around 5:30, but it wasn’t the, “Honey, I’m on the way!” call I expected. It was the, “Honey, the plant’s a mess and I’ll be a while,” call. He said there was a breakdown and he wasn’t sure how long he’d be.

No problem, I assured him. I’ll keep the soup simmering! How long could it really be?

Famous last words.

At 8:30 he finally got home.

He was exhausted and I was disappointed. But I found myself unable to be too upset because what kept him away was not a golf game or happy hour or bad traffic; it was his job, the thing that made the soup and table and phone call possible in the first place.

While the job is often difficult (if it were my job it would always be difficult because getting up at 4:08 in the morning is not my idea of fun), it is a job. We live in Michigan and it seems every other news story is about the vast number of unemployed around us; how could I be upset when my husband was delayed because he was working?

So today I’m thankful for his job, even though it means he has to go to bed with the third graders and get up before the chickens. And more than that, I’m thankful for a husband who is dedicated to providing for his family.