Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Family Fun Night Advent Calendars

By some stroke of magical scheduling, my entire family was home the past two Tuesdays. We haven’t had a good Totally Terrific Tuesday Family Fun Night (TTTFFN) in so long! And we made the most of it.

Last night we made our annual advent calendars. I remember making these calendars with my twin sister when we were very young; it’s a fun tradition my mom started that I’m passing on to my children.

You start out by making a calendar grid on a piece of paper. Have lots of paper handy because making this grid is not as easy as you think it will be. Seriously. Lots of paper and several rulers.

I meant it when I said lots of paper. This is mine with several mistakes. I thought I could make it work when all I messed up were the numbers; when I forgot Sunday I started over.

Here's the engineer's perfectly spaced calendar. Notice the drawings; my favorite is the snowman.

Amy's finished calendar is on the left; Michael's is on the right. They both have some nice patterns going with their Hershey kisses.

And here's Rebecca's. Notice she eschewed the traditional calendar format for stars. Love the way she thinks outside the box. She thinks so far outside the box I don't even think she knows there is a box.

I'm not terribly crafty, so I'm always happy when we can do something simple but still considered craft-like. And anytime I can incorporate chocolate into crafts and TTTFFN, well, let's just call that a major win-win!