Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls against the boys

Talk about mixed emotions. I’ve got two children who can’t wait for tomorrow, a husband and son who don’t want it come, and I could go either way.

See, tomorrow, Sean gives the Camaro back. He’s had this company car for six months and I’ve never known him to love a company car more. His Pontiac GTO was fun, but, in his words, “not as cool as the Camaro.” Michael, of course, has loved it every minute of it. The boys have been happy, happy, happy these six months.

The girls, however, have not. If Sean was driving them somewhere, one of them would end up in the backseat which, according to a friend, is like sitting in a coffin. There truly is no leg room, and if you’re over 4’5’’, no headroom.  They are ready for a more spacious ride.  

During these six months, if we all had to go somewhere, we’d have to take my Malibu. While it technically seats five, when one of the backseat passengers is 6’1” and the other two don’t want to be touched, the ride is not always pleasant. There have been times I’ve gotten on my high horse and ranted, “We are fortunate to have two cars! Be quiet and be happy!” Easy to say from the front seat.

Sean knows the car he’ll get tomorrow is an Enclave, an SUV that seats seven or eight. When he pulls in the driveway there will be much rejoicing from the, “Don’t touch me crowd,” and Michael will be excited to put another vehicle on his, “Cars I’ve Driven,” list. But Sean, though happy with any car, will be sad to see his hot rod go away.

We’re going on a date this evening to mark the last night of the Camaro. I’m sure we’ll drive around a bit, feeling young and hip in that little sporty car one more evening. Until, of course, I have to get out of the thing. Hoisting myself out of the seat that practically sits on the pavement one last time will make me grateful for the SUV that’s coming tomorrow.

I've loved the car because Sean's loved the car, but I must admit, I'm really, really happy about that Enclave. Sorry, dear, but I think I have to side with the girls on this one.