Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh happy day!

I have one happy boy on my hands. Michael got the Fiero back last night.

Totally Terrific Tuesday Family Fun Night was spent driving to meet Mr. Fiero at his shop. And by shop, I mean a barn behind his house. And this barn is full of parts. Fiero parts and other GM parts were stacked floor to roof, but it was obvious Mr. Fiero knew what was in each pile and given the challenge to find a bolt for a 1984 Fiero, he could do it. And we knew he could because he did. He pieced together Michael’s car from a part here and a part there – he had three “parts cars” that he stripped in order to find pieces. A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

These pictures are for Sean's dad - he would have loved Mr. Fiero's shop!

As we were admiring his handiwork, Mr. Fiero said, “I wish my late wife were here. She loved it when families would come over. She’d have you girls in the house doing something crafty while we talked shop out here…” His voice trailed off and it took everything in me not to cry right there in that garage.

We thanked Mr. Fiero for all his incredible work, Michael slid into the driver’s seat, and something magical happened: the car started.

It was a very, very good night for the boy. And for the Dad. And the Mom, too.

The boys gassing up - Michael's car ran out of gas as he pulled into the gas station. We had to push him to the pump. I hope that's the last time we push that car for a while!