Wednesday, January 18, 2012

50's closer than we think

Today is Sean’s birthday. From now until April 29 I get to be five years younger than my sweet husband. I enjoy these months very, very much.

As we were chatting with Michael last night, he reminded us that, if he takes the path I did, we could be grandparents in six years. Now that was sobering. Not because I’m not excited for my kids to move on and have their own lives, but because I am not old enough to be a grandma. Not. Stinkin’. Old. Enough.

Grandmas have to be at least 50.

Anyway, in honor of my guy, here are some pictures of our trip to the Detroit Auto Show from this past Sunday:

Our first stop is always the Ford display. And only because it's the closest to the entrance.

Rebecca enjoyed this funky chair.

Several times I saw Sean down on the ground looking up under the cars. Of course, Rebecca and Michael had to get into the act, too.

We ran into friends Noah and Joe at the Chevy display.

The new Cadillac ATS - Sean's a fan.

The Matchbox Camaro.

The Chevy concept Miray.

Some other new Chevy - we'd been there about three hours at this point and all the cars were starting to run together in my mind.

Michael couldn't resist sitting in a real stock car, but he felt the need to let Mr. Busch know exactly what he thought of him.

Rebecca in the new Bug!

The kids in a Chrysler minivan. I miss my minivan.

Amy doing a split on one of the rotating displays. Ouch.

It was a great day - after all the craziness in our lives the last four weeks, it was good to just be together. And I can't imagine a better way to celebrate Sean's birthday.

Happy birthday, Sean!

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  1. Surely I'm not really 46! Thanks for a fun day at the car show. Love you lots.


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