Monday, March 12, 2012

Break out the color

Michigan’s official state motto is, "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” It really should be, “Michigan: where you can use the heat and A/C in the same day.” Last week, we had a day in the 50’s, followed by days of snow flurries. This weekend was again almost spring-like, which certainly puts me in the mood for warmer weather, and more importantly, capris.

I seriously love capri pants. My back-door neighbor in Atlanta once commented she’d never seen me in anything but capris. A bit of an exaggeration, but if I could, I would wear them year-round. Not possible, of course, now that I live where it snows, but in a perfect world the temperature would be between 68 – 72 and I would always wear capris.

I’ve never been one to wear brightly colored pants, but neon is in this year, so I’m thinking about giving something other than blue or khaki a try:


I’m also looking forward to wearing flats. I get so tired of not being able to wear cute shoes in the winter; we just finished our 7th (how is that possible?!) winter here and I have finally given up on wearing fun shoes in the snow. The salted sidewalks and parking lots ruin the shoes and my ankles get very, very cold. I have a newfound appreciation for socks. Warm socks. So spring and summer I break out the flats and this season I intend to wrap my toes in color.

(I would not wear those shoes with those pants, FYI.)

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