Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pictures are important!

What is wrong with me? I have three beautiful (if I do say so myself) children but I never seem to take pictures of them anymore. I used to take loads of pictures. I still have pictures in boxes that need to go in photo albums, and even more on my hard drive, just waiting to be developed and put in photo albums. I’m so far behind that I’ve given up on catching up and am just trying to get stuff in albums from last year. And sometimes I think I’m so far behind I shouldn’t take any more until I catch up. This is a bad solution for sure.

Anyway, I actually remembered to take a few pictures on Sunday when we went to the Detroit Art Museum. Not that I remembered my camera, of course. I have no idea where my camera is. I took these with the camera on my iPhone. Not the greatest, but better than nothing:

Rebecca had just studied Degas last Wednesday. She was excited to see an original.

This was Rebecca's favorite, even though she's not usually a van Gogh fan.

I love this picture. They didn't know I was watching them.

What a great museum. Tons of art by famous artists we recognized, and many who were new to us. We did all agree the modern art left something to be desired (one of the pieces looked like a ping pong table painted red).

After that, we decided to be oh so international and drive across the Ambassador Bridge to Canada. The minute we crossed over my phone beeped at me to tell me international fees now apply. I sincerely hope I turned it off before incurring roaming fees.

We all took pictures with the skyline of Detroit behind us. Sean was partial to the GM building, of course.

Note to self: take more pictures! Remember, Michael’s going to college in six months. Six short months. Dang, where’s the Kleenex?