Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fun

Oh, y'all. I am not getting anything done - I started the Hunger Games trilogy and I cannot put it down. It's a miracle I made dinner last night. I finished the first book in two days and I'm half-way through the second. I cannot believe I've gotten caught up in them, but they are really, really interesting. More on them on Monday!

For some Friday Fun, I selected something by Russell Peters - we hear him often on SiriusXM's clean comedy channel. However, if you search for more videos of him, be warned that he uses lots of foul language. I've found what appears to be the only one on YouTube without swearing. Such a shame, because he is really stinkin' funny:


Got this from a friend this week who took it while driving in our fair state:

(HT: Kevin)

I can't believe I watched this entire video. If you start it, you will, too:

Happy weekend! Find a good book and read!