Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cookies and crackers and bacon, oh my!

When I was consumed with Oz last week, Sean was home holding down the fort. I had planned to stock the fridge and pantry before show week, but best laid plans and all that. So I’d left him with half a gallon of milk, some cereal and the leftovers from Easter dinner.

Thankfully, I married a man who does not mind doing a bit of grocery shopping, so I knew he’d pick up whatever he needed. What I’d forgotten, though, is that what he thinks he needs is vastly different from what I think he needs.

Yesterday, as I was entering in the receipts from last week, I ran across several from the local grocery store from the few trips Sean made while I was at play practice:

Looked like any of the other Meijer receipts I've entered over the years. But then I looked more closely:

Remember when I said what I think Sean needs is vastly different from what Sean thinks he needs? See any fruits or vegetables on here? 

I have no idea what the man ate last week, but apparently it consisted of milk, crackers, cookies, bacon and sausage. I think Michael must have been involved. The Cheez-its give him away.