Friday, May 18, 2012

The error of my ways

For several years, Michael and Amy have been watching The Office. Not the most wholesome show, I realize, and I’m not exactly how their fascination with the sitcom even began. By the time I realized I didn’t want them watching Michael Scott and his band of misfits, it was too late. M/A were in love with Michael, Pam, Jim, even Dwight.

I could not watch the show. I tried – I really did. They’d beg me to watch an episode on DVD and I’d give it a good, college try. But I simply couldn’t stand Michael Scott’s idiocy. Who actually behaves like that? And Dwight? What a moron. I’d usually make it ten minutes before pulling the plug; it was just too uncomfortable.

I’m not exactly why, but in another effort to try to understand the show’s allure, I sat down with M/A this week to watch an episode from season two. It was the one where Jim tells Pam he loves her. People, why didn’t they just show me that episode first? I had to know what happened next, so I watched another episode – I think I’m up to the fourth show in the third season. And you know what happens? Well, it’s not good. There’s another girl now and I really, really need to figure out how they get rid of her so Jim and Pam can get married and have their baby, which I know they do because I’ve searched the web for information on them.

That’s right, people. I spent time searching the internet for information about two fictional characters. This might explain why dinner last night was so lame…

So to my dear Michael and Amy: sorry it took me so long to get on board The Office train. But I’m on now and we need to schedule a serious Office DVD marathon because I really, really need to see Karen get the boot.

Just remember to keep the fast-forward button handy.