Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Watch the bunny

So, we had a bit of a trauma here. I was cooking dinner when I heard Rebecca screaming from the entry way: “Mom! Come HERE! Come here NOW!”

Fearing my child was suffering some horrific malady, I ran to the front door, only to find her pointing to the window. I looked out and saw two nuns walking their dogs. No big deal; there’s a nunnery right around the corner from our subdivision and we occasionally see the nuns out for walks. But then Rebecca pointed me away from the nuns to the walkway right in front of our house. And that’s when I knew whatever I’d planned for that night was out the window.

Seems the nuns’ German shepherd used a baby bunny as a chew toy and left the mangled little thing on our sidewalk. Rebecca watched the whole thing unfold and couldn’t believe the nuns would walk away, knowing their dog had injured a sweet little bunny.

We scooped the bunny up in a kitchen towel and brought it inside. There was blood seeping from its ear and it couldn’t control its back legs. This little guy was not going to make it. Rebecca, however, thought we should take it to the vet.  

By then, it was time for piano lessons, so Michael took the girls and left me with the injured bunny, still wrapped in the towel, lying on the kitchen counter. Rebecca was not interested in piano and texted me:

Looking for some backup, I called Sean, sure he would tell me a trip to the vet for the bleeding, convulsing, wild bunny was ridiculous. “Well, maybe you should,” he said. Are you kidding me? I called him to be the fall guy voice of reason and even he wants me to take it to the vet?

Realizing a trip to the vet was in my near future but desperate to take a detour, I called our neighbor. Look up “animal lover” on Wikipedia and you’ll see her picture. She is crazy about animals. Crazy. I knew if there was a hope for the rabbit, she would tell me. Because by then I was wondering if I was just too cold-hearted about the non-pet bunny.

As I told her the story, I half expected her to say get to the vet, but to my great relief, she said I shouldn't. "The bunny’s going to die. That’s what happens.”

I knew Rebecca would respect Penny’s answer, so when she came home I told her there was no point going to the vet because bunny wasn't going to make it.

It was a sad night, and I’m still amazed the nuns walked away, leaving an injured bunny and slightly traumatized child in their wake. I just hope this hasn’t ruined The Sound of Music for Rebecca.

I hope it hasn't ruined it for me