Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Random Thoughts From the Senior Trip

I think I am young and can go on little sleep. I am wrong. These kids can get three or four hours of sleep, then go on to see the sights all day and still come back to swim the night away.

I think naps are fabulous. I just wish I could take one.

Emily and Callie at Centennial Olympic Park

The Coke Museum is lots of fun. And with all the free diet Coke at the end I’m surprised I actually left the place.

Sean got a Coke Zero shirt. We have a mixed marriage. It makes me sad, but we will make it work.

We weren’t the only seniors on tour at CNN yesterday; a group of actual seniors were with us. We thought it was funny that everyone on the 11:40 am tour was a Senior, either by age or grade. 

Michael volunteered to read the TelePrompTer. He did a great job – I think he may have missed his calling. He had to read about a Ford and he put in his own comment (I believe it was a gagging sound) and he cracked up the whole tour group.

One of the little ladies stopped him afterward and said, “I’ll see you on the television in ten years!”

We looked for the bricks with our names on them in Centennial Olympic Park. We found them, and reenacted the picture we took there in 1996 during the Atlanta Games. Here’s the original:

Here’s yesterday’s:

See, it's funny because I was pregnant with Amy in the original. It's also funny because in both pictures I put my hair up due to the sweat running down my neck.

It was only slightly cooler yesterday than it was twelve years ago. Man, do I hate being cold. But I really, REALLY hate being hot.

Someone will say I just cannot be happy. That someone is incorrect. I am VERY happy in air conditioning. 

More touring and memories to be made today. I'm thankful for this opportunity, even if I end up glistening in all the pictures.