Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back on the fan wagon

So, no post yesterday. Because I was very tired. Because I didn't get home until midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. Because Sean and I were away for the weekend. Because someone had a concert. In Nashville:

Not just one concert - but a whole weekend of concerts. And I simply could not pass up the opportunity to spend a whole weekend with my favorite artist. And I took my sweet husband along for the ride.

Yes, friends, I am back on the Amy Grant fan wagon. Completely and totally.

I've known about this weekend since last November. I bought the tickets and booked the hotel room and didn't tell a soul. I can't remember when I told Sean. (There was a bit of marital strife when I realized Sean didn't pick up on the clue to buy the tickets for me, but I'm over that now. Mostly.) And I kept it all a secret for a long, long time. Because even I recognize that it sounds a little crazy to spend an entire weekend with a music star.

But seriously, y'all, how could I not go? Friday night she gave a great concert (set list forthcoming). Saturday we were at her barn - her own personal property I've only seen in pictures. Her band played most of the afternoon and she had a songwriters show that evening. Then Sunday she closed out the weekend by leading in praise songs and her reciting two long passages of scripture she'd memorized.

Did I mention we also had the opportunity to have our picture taken with her? Oh, yes, yes we did.  (Pictures also forthcoming. They had a professional photographer taking the shots - personal cameras were not allowed then.) And I am happy to report I did not cry. Well, not in front of her.

The best thing that happened this weekend was I really enjoyed the music. I enjoyed the time with my husband. I also recited I John 5:21 to myself all weekend long, which I'm sure helped me keep things in perspective:

This weekend was so successful that I'm sure there will be another Tennessee Weekend one of these days. When I mentioned that to a friend, she said, "Well, you don't have to do it again, right?"

Wrong. So, so wrong.

She was carrying the tent right until I took this picture.

Gene Miller and Jenny Gill.

The cabins on her property where she often goes to write.

She sold a special edition Jack Daniel's to raise money for her Helping Hands foundation.

The barn.

Two happy campers!