Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scenes from a phone

Amy follows a cool blog written by a young woman living in Washington DC. She chronicles her life as a young mom and wife and she takes amazing pictures. One of the features of her blog is the occasional postings of pictures from her iPhone. I loved that idea and decided to do that on my little corner of the blogosphere. She doesn't add captions; I'm not sure I'll follow that model because the pictures seem so out of place without a little explanation. Plus, I've never been one to keep from explaining something!

So, here’s entry #1 of Scenes from Christy’s iPhone:

Table decoration at Friday night's AG concert

Picture in one of AG's cabins

Taken on the drive home Sunday

With the best piano teacher ever, Mrs. Nyquist

Michael and Bennett, waiting out the rain at Family Camp

At the pancake breakfast at Family Camp

Michael, napping during a Sunday NASCAR race

Celebrating the last day of school