Thursday, June 21, 2012

The dark side of RVing

The upside of taking an RV on a camping trip is not having to share the community bathrooms at the campground. The downside is all that goes in the RV’s bathroom has to come out. And the people on the RV are responsible for making sure that happens.

That, my friends, is gross.

As first-time RV users, we paid close attention to the instructional video at the rental place on how to empty the wastewater tanks. Actually, Sean paid close attention. I did not. Because I did not want to have any knowledge of that process for fear I would have to participate in it.

The engineer, taking it all in.

Here’s something I did learn, though: grey water is water from the shower and the sink. Black water is from the toilet. I probably could have gone a long, long time without that knowing that.

Anyway, at the end of our weekend, Sean dutifully emptied our tanks at the dumping station. Which, I found out, was right by the sidewalk I’d been walking on all weekend long. I mean right by it. People had been dumping their tanks right by a busy sidewalk! I am so glad I didn’t know that until we were leaving.

See just past the camper - that's the walkway!

Sean got the hose all hooked up, turned the knob and whoosh – all the water* we used for three days came gushing out.
There it goes!

After the tanks empty, you’re supposed to flush some water down the tube to clean it out. Oh, yes, pouring some water down that tube is going to clean it. We’ll just pretend that’s what happens.

Sean was pretty grossed out at this point.

If we ever do this again, I’m packing rubber gloves.

*I’m choosing to ignore the fact that other stuff came whooshing out, too. Water sounds much cleaner.