Monday, July 30, 2012

Queen of Denial

Apparently, I really do have a rising college freshman. I mean, I know he’s 18. I saw him graduate from high school. I mailed his college applications and cheered with him when he was accepted. I know what’s coming. There was, though, a little part of me that didn’t want to believe it.

But last Friday, when we checked in for his freshman orientation, his name was there on the check-in sheet. His admission rep recognized him and welcomed him. The department chair greeted him by name. There was a financial aid paper with our names on it. (If you are not saving for college, start now. Seriously. Stop reading, go to your bank and say, “For the rest of my life, please put half my paycheck into a college savings account.” It won’t be enough, but it will be a start.)

The students went one way and the parents went another. We were treated to a talk from the college president, vice president of academic affairs, and several other folks who were good public speakers but are now a blur. I do remember that nearly everyone who spoke reminded us that, “Four short weeks from today you’ll drop off your child!” They sounded awfully excited about that news.

We ate in one of the cafeterias, toured the library and spent a little more time with the business office. By then, the students had finished their portion of the tour and were reunited with the parents who were incredibly anxious to hear how things had gone. At least these parents were.

Good news: Michael met some friendly people and he was excited for what’s ahead. That was a relief to the parents.

Bad news: this is really happening. My first-born, my sweet little boy, is going to college.

Of course, my head knows that’s actually good news. My heart, well, that’s another story... Millions of other moms have gone through this and lived to tell the tale. I know I'll be fine. Right? Right.

Denial's working for me.