Thursday, August 16, 2012

I stand corrected

Remember last week, when I wrote about camping? I mentioned the moms who camp do not camp because they love camping but they do it for the love of their children – they love providing a place where the kids can run free and play with their friends all day long. And that reason alone would be the only reason I’d even entertain the idea of going again.

Well, one of those Camper Moms corrected me yesterday. This mom, I’ll call her Carrie to protect her identity, let me know that she not only camps for the love of her children; she camps for the pure love and joy of camping.

Sorry – I stopped typing for a minute to recover from that thought.

This friend of mine said she and her husband spent their first anniversary camping. Before kids, they went camping.

The thought boggles the mind. No matter how bad our anniversaries have been, we’ve never gone camping. Which could be one of the reasons we’re still married. Because if Sean took me camping for an anniversary… See, I can’t even fathom it, because I can’t even imagine Sean ever, ever, ever thinking taking me camping would be a good idea.

Yay for Sean!

I cannot believe how much I’ve written about camping. Crazy. Seven years ago camping never crossed my mind, but since moving to Michigan, all things camping seem to be front and center. We can’t go a day without seeing a camper or 5th wheel going down the road. Seems I’m always hearing talk about a camping trip, or someone on Facebook is posting pictures of a camping adventure.

When we lived in Georgia, we only knew one family who camped regularly. Guess what – the camper is a Michigan native.
I suppose I should take a, “When in Rome,” approach to this camping thing and attempt to embrace the culture I now find myself in. Thankfully, we’re at the end of the summer and I don’t have to think about that for another ten months. So I guess the Scarlett O’Hara approach is really more my style: I’ll think about that tomorrow.