Monday, September 10, 2012

Fieros Forever

I first started this blog to keep up with family and friends in Georgia. It’s evolved a bit since the early days of recounting our move from the South to the north, but every once in a while I head back to its roots and post something specifically for a family member. Often it’s for my father-in-law, who loves cars as much as Sean and Michael. Today’s for you, Chuck!

We went to see Michael this weekend. I looked forward to our afternoon with the boy all week! We met him on his campus and immediately headed out to Meijer so he could get a few supplies. And by supplies, I mean Cheeze Its, Pringles, Coke and paper towels. Seriously – how is he not the size of a barn?

On the way back to the dorm, he mentioned some people had told him about a Fiero place in the next town over. You know your son -he was itching to make that drive. We drove the 10 miles and found Fieros Forever, a little hole in the wall I would have completely missed had it not been for the 20 Fieros parked outside the building:

We pulled over just in time to see the owner coming out of the shop. He could not have been happier to see us. He talked cars with the boys for almost an hour.

Need a Fiero part? This guy's got it.

These reds were so gorgeous - made me want to get Michael's car painted. 

He kept the good cars inside.

The black one's for sale. I thought Sean was going to buy it on the spot.

We have found a new Fiero guy.

Chuck, you would have loved everything about the afternoon. The man who runs the store is an architect who just loves Fieros. He's collected and keeps buying all kinds of parts! Plus, he had a mini-museum of toys and books and posters that all were Fiero-related. When you and Mary Ann come up to visit the boy, we'll have to take you to Fieros Forever. It's totally your kind of place!