Thursday, September 13, 2012

Small Victories

You know those people who can hear the sentence, “Her bedroom is 10x12,” and instantly know how much furniture will fit in said room?  Or the people who hear, “It’s about 30 feet away,” and know how far away “it” actually is? Sean is one of those people. I am not. Not by a long shot.

I am beyond spatially challenged. I often put on an after-dinner show for my family, called, “Watch Christy Pick the Tupperware.” I go through two or three before I find one that’s the right size for the leftovers. (Part of the show is me talking to myself: "Do you think this one will work?") I cannot imagine the size of anything based on measurements; I have to ask Sean, “So what room is that like in our house?” But the worst part of my disorder is I am incapable of cutting evenly anything in a pan. I can’t space things and generally have some really big slices and some really small ones.

It's the pre-dinner show.

But last week, breakthrough! I cut an entire pan of brownies perfectly! I was so impressed with myself that I took pictures! I wasn’t sure Sean would get home in time to see my masterpiece, so I had to have proof. Because trust me, he wouldn’t have believed it.

I was so excited! I even styled it like I'd made it for a food magazine:

Okay, so it's not a great picture or even very styled, but you cannot belive how impressed I was with myself.

You have to celebrate the small victoires. 

Anyone else have this disorder? And why hasn't someone come up with a cutting thingy that's the shape of a 9x13  or an 8x10 pan so you don't have to use a single blade? Sounds like something I should invent...