Thursday, September 27, 2012

First visit home!

So, the boy's coming home for the weekend. No big deal. No one's excited or anything...

Ha ha ha! I am so funny!

I cannot WAIT for him to get home! I'm fixing one of his favorite dinners and will finally get to set five places at the dinner table again.

He's been gone since August 24. Five weeks away from home. That's about four and a half more than is comfy for the mama. And no, it hasn't been five weeks since we've seen him; we drove up to take him to dinner two weeks ago. We're fortunate he's only two hours away; I have one friend whose son is several states away. Seeing him will take a two-day drive and will not happen frequently.

So I'm off to the grocery store to stock up on his favorites. I'll probably slip in a few of the girls' faves, too. They'll be off to school before I know it; I'm definitely feeling the need to love on them while I can.

August 22 - Amy's 16th birthday. 
You think it's hard to get pictures of two year olds? Try two teenagers and one tween - just as tricky.