Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No good deed...

Remember this picture?

That was taken on my birthday last April. Realizing my child could write a message in the dust on my jewlery box caused me to think I should, maybe, break out the Pledge and dust the bedroom. But as far as I can recall, that was the last time I dusted. I was going to clarify, "the last time I dusted my bedroom," but I'm pretty sure that was the last time I dusted anywhere.

Knowing how much Sean loves a dust-free dresser, I decided to part of his anniversary present last week would be a dust-free bedroom. It's the least I can do for 20 years. You may think dusting his dresser would be simple. It is not. Because it is on his dresser he keeps several of his treasures:

He keeps at least a dozen cars on his dresser, and each one has to be removed and dusted. Carefully.

(Surely there could be a leaf-blower-type contraption for dust, right? I should invent that...)

So in the process of removing each car and dusting it lightly, I did the unthinkable. I broke one of the cars. And not just any car; a VW bug:

Oh. My. Word. I tried to get it back together, but pieces kept falling off in my hands Seriously, y'all, I wasn't sure if I should pack my bags and get out of Dodge before he got home or just meet him at the door and beg for mercy.

I opted for begging for mercy, which I did in grand style, "I do NOT know what happened, honey! I honestly just picked it up and it fell apart! This is why I should not dust!" (I threw in the last part for good measure.)

He, being the engineer that he is, was able to get it all put back together, and assured me everything was just fine. He said it was fine that I nearly broke apart one of his favorite cars. What is up with that? 

I think he was simply blinded by the love we've shared for the past two decades.

Or else it was the light shining off the newly-dust-free dresser.

Whatever, I'm just glad the Bug is back together and he wasn't terribly upset. But just to be on the safe side, I think I'll put off dusting his dresser for a while.