Monday, October 08, 2012

In his element

There has never been a more perfect major for a college freshman, ever.

The boy’s majoring in automotive marketing/management, and last weekend, he worked at the school’s 49th annual car show. He was on Team Chevy:

When the students signed up to help with the show, they had to list three car companies they wanted to work with. Michael only wanted Chevy; I’m not sure if he even selected two others. Turned out to be a moot point, since the Chevy team captain was so impressed with Michael’s knowledge of all things Chevy that he allowed a freshman on a Big Three team.

The show lasts all weekend, and culminates on Sunday with a combo new/classic car show. We decided to go up on Saturday afternoon; we weren’t entirely sure how much time he’d have to spend with us, and we didn’t want our presence to pressure him into neglecting his responsibilities. Upon arrival, however, Sean decided that next year he’d like to go up on Friday and stay all weekend, because this car show was amazing. (There’s your head’s up, Michael.)

You would think we would have gotten a clue that this was a big deal when Michael told us over 50,000 people go through the show over the weekend.

After posting a picture of him from the show on Facebook, our friend, Brad, commented that Michael was in his element. We completely agree. It was almost like we were watching him do what he was not only meant to do, but what he’s going to do for the next 50 years.

Not that it’s a huge surprise, of course. He comes from a long line of car aficionados.

Sean, with one of his Bugs. Love the socks!

Talking with people about the new Camaro

His dream key ring.

At the Team Chevy display, which was the best of the whole show! Yes, I'm biased, but I also have eyes and this display was head and shoulders above anything else.