Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Random Thoughts

Two weeks out of LASIK surgery and I’m thrilled I finally went under the knife laser. So good to see without contacts or glasses.

Upside to LASIK: first look of the day is in focus.

Downside to LASIK: Dang, my shower is filthy.

Sean can’t get LASIK. I cannot have him seeing the shower like that.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’m in charge! My parents, sister and her family are all here.

Having my mom here means I don’t have to call her with questions; I can just walk into the next room.

Scary thought: one of these days, my kids are going to call me with cooking questions.

Scratch that - I left the girls with a recipe yesterday that they took care of all by themselves. Amy even had to look up a half and half substitute because I didn't have enough on hand. 

A call to me will definitely be second to a Google search.

Remember this picture from a few weeks ago? I posted it when my Dad was visiting:

I took this one last night:

My sister’s coat likes the same chair that mine does.

Hopefully, before the week is out, I'll be able to get a shot of all of our chairs dressed in coats. All the chairs except Sean's, of course.

Poor Sean. He's outnumbered this week.