Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deals delivered to your door

Last night as I was making lunch for Sean, I realized we were down to the last slice of bread. I was so hoping I’d gone to the grocery store for the last this year, but alas, I must head back for bread. And probably a dozen other things I’ve forgotten about but won’t remember until I pull in the driveway from the bread shopping trip.

The longer I’m in charge of my household, the less exciting grocery shopping is. I am over it. Over. It. Unless trying on shoes is involved, I do not want to shop.  A few months ago, I sang the praises of shopping online  for Rebecca. What I didn’t say was how much I wished I could do my grocery shopping online. Well, now, I can. Sort-of.

P&G has a new e store and lots of the products are ones I already buy. And bonus: many items have coupons attached. Yay for coupons! Hard to lose them when they’re online and not in-between the seat and armrest of my car. Which I don’t remember until I’m checking out.

One of the great things about this is I can check prices from the comfort of my own kitchen. For instance, the Downy Unstoppables are $6.49 at the P&G e store. At walmart.com, they’re $6.97. Plus, the P&G store ships free with a $25 purchase; you have to spend $45 at walmart.com to get the postage paid. And, right now, all orders receive 15% off if you use the P&G super-special makes-no-sense-so-just-copy-and-paste-it-code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA

Here are the specific deals right now:

15% off on a first-time order from a new customer 
(gotta use that crazy code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA)
Free Shipping on orders over $25
Free Samples with every order.

I may not be able to get my milk and bread delivered via UPS, but at least my fabric softener and dish detergent can be waiting on my front step. Cutting out a few aisles at the store sounds like a good plan to me.