Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pinterestingly addictive

I have succumbed to the addictive little website called Pinterest. I’ve pinned recipes (that I’ve cooked), comics (that I’ve posted on Fridays), do-it-yourself projects (that, in all honesty, will probably never get done). I’ve also taken to looking at some of the clothing pins where people much more versed in fashion than I put together hip little outfits. On their own, the individual pieces look okay, but together, they are stunning.

Case in point:

Never in a million years would I pair those boots with that jacket – in my world, red only goes with black. But this totally works, right? (Ixnay on the ursepay, though.)

As I was perusing the pins yesterday, I found a scarf wrap that seemed interesting. However, once I clicked on the pin I realized it was most certainly not for me:

This article of clothing comes with a tutorial and guide to wearing it. Come on. I can’t pair red and brown, I am definitely not qualified to get a scarf that requires the me to watch a tutorial before attempting to wear it.

I need to stick to the scarfs that open at both ends so I know how to get out of them.