Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anyone home?

For the last week, Where I Am seems to have turned into, "Where Are You?" a question lots of people have asked. If you’d like to understand how stinkin’ busy I’ve been, then know this: Amy Grant released a new song last Friday and I haven’t heard it yet.

Let me say that again: Amy Grant's first new studio recording in over a decade was released and I haven’t heard it yet.

I was unaware I could be that busy.

Amy (as Dot) and Rebecca (as Fluffy) after the show.
Homeschool Performing Arts’ production of Honk! played last weekend. The week prior we were swamped with rehearsals and hair and makeup meetings and directors’ pow wows. It was crazy insane, but the best kind of crazy insane you can imagine.

Now that Honk! is finished, I cannot believe how much I miss all those ducks and geese and barnyard fowl (the musical was a retelling of the ugly duckling). I feel like I’m as sad as the kids that our time at the pond is finished.

Of course, I’m glad to not be quite so busy. My house needs some attenetion. My kids need some attention. My husband needs some attention. And there’s a new song out there I need to figure out how to hear, hopefully, before HPA’s production of The Pirates of Penzance opens on April 11.

Rebecca, getting a birthday hug from director Dan DuPraw.

Some of our geese and fish, putting on their makeup.

The family of the ugly duckling, including Rebecca (Fluffy), bottom right.

Amy as Dot, senior fight attendant on Goose Air.

Dot and Greylag (Nathan Hartges), leaders of the geese.

Sean, piano player and conductor extraordinaire.

Sarah Grace McDaniel, choreographer, Dan DuPraw, director,
Elizabeth Stuart, assistant director.

Cast, crew, orchestra, directors, staff. Love these people!

The full album, How Mercy Looks From Here, releases May 7. Can. Not. Wait!