Monday, March 04, 2013

Pants on fire

So, I really, really want to write about something that happened to me in the blogosphere last week. And I want to name names and I'm dying for others to come to my side and say, “Yes, Christy, that man is a coward for editing your comments and deleting other comments that disagreed with him! What a bad man!”

I really, really want to do that. But doing that puts me on his level. And that is not a level to which I am prepared to stoop.

Instead, know this: if you comment on my blog, I will NEVER edit your comments. If you disagree with me, you are more than welcomed to say so. I hope you’ll be sweet about it, but if not, know that I will let your words stand.

And know this: I will never write about something I know nothing about. Anything I write about is researched. Obviously, this is not a scholarly blog (welcome to posts about stuffed animals in the washing machine) and most of what I chronicle here is personal. But if I write about anything I don’t have first-hand knowledge of, I will do the research that must be done in order to present the subject truthfully. And if I can’t, then I won’t write about it.

And lastly, know this: there are bad blogs out there. They may look pretty and sound smart, but behind that fa├žade is an author who does not write out of love. Oh, he’ll say he’s trying to shepherd his flock. But if your shepherd spews snark, you need to look for another shepherd. Allow me to point you in the direction of a pastor with an excellent blog, one that never stoops so low as to lie or edit comments that disagree with his posts.

So peruse the blogosphere, but do so carefully. There are lots of great bloggers out there. But for everyone one of us who wants to entertain you or teach you, there are others who want to convince you their way is right, even if they have to stretch the truth to do so.