Tuesday, February 05, 2013

How about a marching band?

So, about that halftime show… what the heck? Sponsored by Pepsi and featured half-naked girls? Seriously? I joked I was more upset about the Pepsi presence than the lack of clothing until I actually saw the barely-clad young ladies gyrating in front of who knows how many viewers around the world, not to mention those at the stadium.

We watched America’s Funniest Home Videos until the game came back.

As we were watching dogs parade around in Halloween costumes on AFV, I couldn’t help but think of Beyonce’s dad. What must he feel like watching thousands ogle his baby? I thought about my dad, and if I had Beyonce’s body and talent (because, let’s be honest, the girl can rock it like nobody’s business) and I pulled that stunt, he’d lock me in my room until orthopedic shoes were my footwear of choice.

Of course, Beyonce also has a husband. Where is he in all this? Why isn’t he protecting his wife’s dignity? Sean would no more put up with that than the man in the moon.

But the person I thought most about was Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s daughter. (Yes, I am bothered that I knew the name without googling it. Of course, it is Blue Ivy – not an easy one to forget.) Would Beyonce feel proud and happy having her daughter follow in Mom’s footsteps?

We are living in a strange world. And I’m reminded this is not my home.

Any chance we could just get a marching band next year? Ever seen those outfits? Polyester from head to toe. That would be a nice pace of change, as my husband would say.

Bet diet Coke would sponsor the marching band idea...