Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini-flood casualities

Newsflash: I am not a fan of the snow. Not one little bit. I certainly don't understand those nutcases (Sean and Rebecca) who think it’s so pretty in the trees and on the fields – no, it’s not pretty there, because it means it’s all over my driveway and my snow blower person went to college this year which means I’ll have to do it because 1) Sean’s at work and 2) Amy’s so busy she’s never home and 3) I just can’t bring myself to ask sweet Rebecca to do it.

But last Friday, I found great appreciation for the snow. Because without the four inches we got Thursday night, on Friday morning, I would never have sent Amy to the storage area to get my snow pants so I could shovel the driveway. And if I’d never sent Amy to the storage room, I’d never have known that our sump pump died and that a portion of our basement was flooding.

Thankfully, we caught it before it flooded into the finished part of the basement. And, also thankfully, we had almost everything stored in plastic bins, so we lost very little. And triple-thankfully, my husband knows how to replace sump pumps, so a plumber wasn’t even necessary. Yay Sean!

So even though I was able to see the silver lining of the snow clouds, there were two causalities to our mini-flood:

These hung in our local Target store about 15 years ago. Sean arranged to get them for me after the promotional period was over. I don’t have a clue what they were promoting, but I loved the posters! They were in storage because I’m 42 and shouldn’t have giant posters of someone not related to me hanging on my walls, I suppose. Of course, had they been hanging up they would not be ruined…

I am trying to be a big girl and not be too upset.

So, for a moment I was thankful we got a huge snowfall because it led us to find our dead sump pump. However, now that Sean has replaced the pump and we should not be in danger of it dying again any time soon, I vote for no more snow.

Or at least not enough to shovel.