Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thoughts

Yesterday was March 20. The first day of spring. And I wore long underwear because the high here was 34. And it snowed.

I’d rather wear the long underwear shirt than a coat. Way less bulky.

And there’s my style tip for today: in order to avoid wearing a bulky, warm, coat, wear a long underwear shirt and be slightly cold. But you won’t feel all, well, bulky.

The Michigan summers totally trick you; those 16 days of beautifulness somehow make the other 349 days of miserableness here worthwhile.

Thursday is my nephew Ben’s 18th birthday. My track record since moving stands at 100%: still haven’t gotten his present to him on or before his birthday. Sorry, Ben! We love you – it’s just that your aunt, who meant to put it in the mail on Saturday, completely spaced. Will get to the post office today… I hope!

Still haven’t heard Amy Grant’s new song, “Don’t Try So Hard.” Apparently, it’s on rotation on the Christian station on SiriusXM satellite radio. Guess which car has XM and which car doesn’t. If Sean hears that song first…

I just can’t stand the thought of paying for the radio! This situation, though, is making me rethink my budgetary decision.

Oh. My. Word. I just stumbled upon a radio station online that said it was going to play the new song – I will not tell you how frantically I’ve been trying to upgrade my media player…

SO FRUSTRATED! Can’t get the media player thingy to download so I downloaded the radio station app to my phone and am listening to the station on there. One more song to go.

I am so, so thankful the internet wasn’t around when I was in the height of my Amy Grant fandom. It would not have been a good thing for me.

In case you were wondering, if you turn on your video camera on your iPhone, thinking you can record the radio station you’re listening to on the same iPhone, you can’t.  It turns off the app.

At least I heard the last verse and chorus.

I really need to go to bed.