Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reading and writing and personal econ

Michael has learned lots in his first six months at college. Economics, marketing, automotive stuff (probably not a good idea that we’re paying as much as we are and the best I can do is to say he’s learning “automotive stuff”). He’s seen more than I wish he had but has handled it better than I could have hoped. He’s learned how to self-monitor the amount of Coke he drinks – a HUGE accomplishment. And while all of those are good things that thrill this mother’s heart, I am more than tickled that he’s actually learned how much stuff costs. So much so that he’s taken to frequenting Goodwill and thrift stores when he needs to make a purchase.

He’s home for spring break this week and mentioned that he needs new shorts since he outgrew last year’s. (When is that going to stop?! He’s way past 6 foot – surely this will end eventually, right?) I was prepared to take him to Old Navy when he said, “Let’s hit Goodwill.” So we did.

He found a pair of new shorts from Target with tags. He found two VHS tapes he was looking for. He got a small table for his dorm room. Rebecca even picked up a small glass for a friend. And we walked out of there for under $12.

Twelve dollars.

As we checked out, he said, “I’m excited to have a house now because I know I can actually furnish it for so little!” Not that he’s given up on the camper dream, but at least he’s looking towards having a non-wheeled home one of these days.

I'm sure the book-learning he's getting in his econ class is useful, but the real-life learning he's getting by opening up his own wallet, well, that's priceless.

He bought these last night - nearly-new Sperry Topsiders, just his size, 
for $4. I'm thrilled he's gotten on the cost-saving bandwagon!