Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worth the (decade) wait

In 1997, I took Amy with me to the local Christian bookstore to pick up the new Amy Grant CD, Behind the Eyes. My Amy was one and did not fully appreciate the importance of being quiet while we listened to the new CD on the way home. Granted, it was nap time, but still. Seems like she should have intrinsically known that this was a time when crying was not a good idea.

Today, I took my Amy to the bank to sign a signature card so she could get her own debit card, and when we finished, she drove off in her car, headed to chemistry class as I drove off in mine to Target to pick up the new Amy Grant CD, her first new release in ten years.
My, how time flies.

Pretty sure this is the only time I’ve ever walked into Target and didn’t use a cart. I went straight for the music section, got the CD, checked out and walked with great purpose to my car. I opened the CD as soon as I sat down and promptly couldn’t figure out how to load it in my CD player. After a momentary panic, I found the eject button, got the Christmas disc out and slipped in the new CD.

It’s good. Y’all, it is so good.

Well, there is one song with slightly questionable theology… Okay, really questionable, but I’m just skipping that one.

Anyway, it’s like listening to an old friend tell new stories. And that’s a pretty sweet way to spend the day.

(If you're going to get the new CD, get it at Target - they have the edition with three bonus tracks.)