Monday, July 22, 2013

Easter in July

My house isn’t exactly a mess, but it’s certainly not the most put-together home in the land. When I judge my housekeeping abilities, I put myself between my mother-in-law, an amazing housekeeper, to the crazy cat lady on Hoarders, who totally creeps me out. Actually, when I’m feeling really bad about my inability to figure out where stuff goes, I watch Hoarders and feel a whole lot better about myself. More importantly, I have my family watch Hoarders and they feel a whole lot better about me, too.

Anyway, this weekend I was battling the clutter and was feeling pretty darn good about myself. I was actually dusting, a chore I detest and put off as long as humanly possible. I tell myself I should dust a couple of times a month. And I’ve deluded myself into thinking that’s how often I pull out the rag and polish. The discovery I made in a decorative plant on my mantle tells a different story.

Here's the plant:

And here's what I found:

See it yet? Look here:

Yep. An un-found Easter Egg.

Thankfully, I know it's from this Easter because there was one egg we couldn't find and the hide-er couldn't remember where it was hidden. It's been forgotten since March 31. Which means I haven't moved that planter to dust the mantle since March 31.

Three. Stinkin'. Months. (Yikes – almost four!)

I know I've dusted the bookshelves since then. Amy and Rebecca can attest to that, because when I say I've dusted the bookshelves I mean I've assigned someone to dust the bookshelves. But somehow I missed that plant.

The good news is the house didn’t crumble from the un-dusted dust. The egg didn’t smell yucky, so that’s another plus. And I’m nowhere close to being featured on Hoarders because I’m not afraid of the trash can. But I tell you this was a major eye-opener: I have to do a way better job of dusting. And by I need to do a better job of dusting, I mean I need to do a better job of assigning the dusting chore.

I know my children will be thrilled to hear that.

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