Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last man standing

Sean is now the only completely able-bodied person in our abode. My hand’s still out of commission as is Rebecca’s arm. And yesterday, Amy had her wisdom teeth pulled so she’s pretty out of it, too. (Thank goodness for Vicodin. So far we’ve been managing her pain pretty well.) Our normally healthy home has really taken a beating this month.

Amy did not say anything hilarious or hysterical after her oral surgery, much to my disappointment. She went in determined that she was going to stay as composed as possible and not be like David after Dentist. Which is quite unfortunate, because that kid is rolling in the dough – over 120 million views of his video. My friend Carissa reminded me that if Amy pulled something like that, she could finance her college education. Oh, I wish! The only funny thing she said was, “I have blood all over my teeth. I look like I could be in Les Mis!” Which was pretty funny. Definitely gave me a good laugh all the way home.

Here’s to healing in our house. And here’s to the boys being very careful; we really need at least one person around with two working arms who’s not loopy on pain meds.

If you don't know who David is:

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