Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bribery! It’s what’s for dinner

Last Friday, I gave Michael a call to check in. As we were talking about his weekend plans, he told me he and three friends were heading to the Michigan State game. A game that was being played 20 minutes from our house. And there were, apparently, no plans to drive the 20 minutes to see me.

He had a decent excuse: he wouldn’t be the driver. His car is in the shop – something about a clutch issue – so he couldn’t just dictate an extra stop for the rest of his passengers.

I told him I understood and hoped he’d have fun. It was awfully mature of me. However, the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t stand the thought of him being so close, yet so far. Which is when bribery mode kicked in.

I may be above begging, but I am not above bribery. Surely these college boys could be lured by free steaks.

And guess what? They were!

They came right after the game, around 4:30. Michael took them for a ride in Amy’s Firebird (which they all loved!), we fed them steak and Rebecca put on a magic show. The guys were one of her best audiences by far, especially Jon, who was sincerely blown away and didn’t mind letting her know. What a great sport!

I loved getting to put faces with names. And I didn’t even mind cleaning up all those dishes or the hefty Meijer bill. It was all worth it to have a few hours with the boy and his friends.

And it was all thanks to a little bribery.

Amy, showing the guys how to take off the T-tops.

One of the guys said Michael should trade cars with Amy because hers is so cool. 
Michael was not amused. But Amy's not trading.

Rebecca the Magician!

Jon, Sam, Byron and Michael, in a jacket he got from Goodwill 
that says Rick. Reminds me of a friend who used to comment on here once in a while...