Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A word to my husband

Dear Sean,

Please know I am aware that our house is a disaster area. I can see the piles of clothes that need to be folded as well as the shirts tossed over the couch that need to be ironed. I can also see the bathroom – although barely because the layer of grime is as thick as it’s ever been in our married life. Of course, I can also see the dust on our bedroom furniture; it’s much easier to spot now that a child has scrawled her name on the top of your dresser in the dust.

(I’m leaving my desk out of this for now. Dealing with that is more than I can handle at the moment.)

I just wanted you to know that I realize that we have a situation. A situation that needs some serious attention. And elbow grease. A lot of elbows and a lot of grease. Not sure when I’m planning to break out the Crisco, but soon. Really, really soon. Probably not today. Tomorrow's not looking so good and Friday's definitely out, but maybe sometime this weekend…

Hope this makes you feel better. There is an end in sight, possibly.

I think I’ll spend some time on Pinterest, checking out some home organizational charts and lists and ideas...