Monday, October 07, 2013

Who are you?

It’s been two weeks since I posted anything. That two-week break was starting to feel like an indefinite hiatus, but then something happened yesterday that reminded me how happy I am to have a place to share such momentous occasions in my life.

In the 25 years I have known and loved Sean, his wardrobe has rarely changed. A change for him is the size of the check in his button-downs. He really surprised me a few years ago when he agreed to wear a purple polo. And just a few weeks ago he let me get him a different cut of jeans and he liked them! But what he wore yesterday made him nearly unrecognizable:

 A track suit. A. Track. Suit.

I’m not certain where it came from, but I have a vague memory of it being a Christmas present from his mom. He’s worn the pants before but never outside the house, of course. They’re strictly for relaxing on Sunday afternoons. But he’s never worn the whole outfit together. And yesterday, when I saw him in it, I just cracked up.

It’s a very nice outfit and Sean really loves it, especially since he can wear his Northwood shirt with it. And he absolutely loves the jacket.

Well, what do you know?  You can teach old engineers new tricks.

Up next: I’m thinking a pink shirt… it’s not that far from purple.