Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brain surgery rocks

My aunt’s surgery went exceedingly well yesterday; the doctor said he felt good about what he was able to remove. Here’s the update from my cousin, Ashley:

They were able to do as they hoped in surgery and remove the tumor. He was positive that this mass is gone without complication. He also communicated that we understand that it is a malignant primary brain tumor and therefore other cancer cells exists in the brain. However for now, they were able to remove this tumor and she is expected to recover well. It's likely she will begin chemotherapy in the next three to four weeks to begin tackling the rest. 

Sue woke up this morning and was able to talk – my sister said it was like nothing happened. It would have been like they were having one of their normal chats, except they were in the ICU. Which, of course, is anything but normal. 

As I expected, my aunt has learned all her nurses’ names and Heather told me Sue already knows lots of their stories. I’m telling y’all, I cannot wait to hear of all the people whose lives are changed after their encounter with Sue and Johnny. Those people have no idea what’s about to hit them. 

Many, many thanks for all your prayers, emails, Facebook messages, comments and phone calls. Know they are a blessing to me and to my extended family.

My mom and Sue this morning - Sue's giving the A-OK sign! I also appears she is 
wearing some kind of homemade necklace that I can only assume was made for her by one of her grandchildren. She is one good grandma. (Thanks to Heather for the picture.)

And for a bit of levity: my uncle and cousin Ashley are die-hard UNC Tar Heels fans. They are NOT Duke fans. Ashley confessed it's been odd to be thankful for Duke in ways that don’t involve them losing a sporting event.