Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let it go!

If you read my daughter’s blog, you recently read that quote from my son, indicating he had a near-death experience with his car, the Fiero. Heck, practically any time he drives that car he has a near-death experience, said the mom who wishes her son drove a tank…

Anyway, when he was home last weekend, he told us that he had gone to meet some friends and parked his car in a lot that butted up next to a forest. His parking space overlooked a steep drop-off that went straight down to the base of the trees.

Because he is a Duffy, he got there early. While he waited on his friends, he hopped out of his car and went to get something from the trunk. But as he popped the trunk, he realized the car was inching forward.

Yep, just pausing here so you can get the picture. The boy is outside the car. The car is slowly, but noticeably, rolling ever so slightly and was this close to cresting the hill.

What do you suppose my 19 year-old son did? Did he back away and let gravity have its way? Of course not. He grabbed the spoiler on the trunk and dug in his heels. He slowly made his way from the trunk to the wheel opening to the car door. When he got to the door, he flung it open, hopped in the seat and mashed the brakes, stopping the car with only inches to spare.

Even recounting the story makes me nauseous.

I knew the boy loved that car. But I didn’t realize we’d gotten to the Harlequin romance-level love of the car. He’d rather die with the car than live without it… I do not even have a category for this level of crazy.

Son, I love you. But next time, let the car go. It is replaceable. You are not.

However, perhaps now is a good time to make another pitch for him to drive a tank. 


  1. O wow.

    I'll say on this: Brick.

    Keep a brick in the trunk, grab it and shove it in front of the closest rear wheel. Keep 2 bricks and if the first has only slowed or altered the trajectory, grab the next brick and block both rear wheels.

    Do not get back in the car. Just a thought.

  2. The "on" was supposed to be "only." Wish we could edit!


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