Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Ayyo, y'all

Amy’s always been her own girl, but she’s taking it to a new level these days. When she texts me, she’s begun using the word Ayyo. I believe this means the same thing as howdy, but I cannot be sure because there is no Dictionary According to Amy. Oh, if only there were…

(There is an urban dictionary, which defines the word ‘ayyo’ as “to say hi to someone.” Amy uses it way more than that, so who really knows what she means.)

She’s also taken to flashing the peace sign with increasing regularity, and it’s usually accompanied by, “Ayyo.” While I understand this is just Amy being Amy, albeit a very weird Amy, her father is just not getting it.

So last night, she decided she was going to teach Sean how to be hip and cool, Amy-style. These were her instructions on how to greet the boss: “Dad, tomorrow at work, just go up to Mr. Bell, give him the peace sign and say, ‘Ayyo, Bell.’” He will think you are so cool.”

“He will think I’ve lost my mind,” said Sean.

Amy countered: “Then do it to Mrs. L. She’ll totally get it and think you are super-cool.”

While I agree that Mrs. L would be the one to get it best, I also think Mrs. L would be the one to make the most fun of Sean if he were to, in fact, flash the peace sign and say, “Ayyo,” to her. And I believe she would tell me about it, which makes me really, really want Sean to give it a shot.

Is it so wrong that I am dying for Sean to do this just to hear the report of what happens? Or should I value my husband’s reputation at work more than his comic relief? Pretty sure it shouldn’t be such a toss-up, but I am actually having a difficult time making that decision.



  1. The number of times I heard that word today...

  2. Anonymous9:47 PM

    made you a hip-er person. just roll with it, chuck. ayyo


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