Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On high alert

During Michael’s high school years, it wasn’t unusual for me to find various items where they didn't belong. I’m not talking about shoes and socks in the wrong place. I’m talking about stuff like this:

Well, since the boy went to college, the occurrences of such shenanigans have dwindled to nothing. I must admit, I have not missed being scared when walking in the laundry room or wondering how in the world I’m going to retrieve Pooh from the light fixture. And in the 18 months since college began, I let my guard down.

Big mistake. Big.

Last weekend when he was home, I was treated to this:

All I was trying to do was heat up some water for tea. But trust me, when I opened the microwave, I screamed like a stuck pig. That scene was very disturbing. My classic Donny Osmond doll, circa 1978, should not be treated this way! Michael, along with a friend who was over, thought otherwise. 

Spring break starts in two weeks. Michael, I’ll be watching you. Just like Roz. Always watching.


  1. I had one of these Donnie dolls, too! But where, pray tell, are his signature purple socks?! Have you checked the light fixture? Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to see what your boy dreams up for spring break.

  2. you guys are a riot!!


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