Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine fall out

So, remember last week, how I said I wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for Sean because I’d never even considered his thoughts on the day? Remember how I wanted to make a lovely dinner, complete with hand-decorated cookies? Remember how I wanted to decorate the kitchen to really get in the fake holiday spirit?

Pretty sure, “Remember how I wanted to clean out the kitchen light fixture,” was not on that list of things I wanted to do. And yet…

I fixed dinner and made the cookies with no problems. But when I got up on the kitchen chair to hang the Valentine garland (which I’m sure my Mom gave me because I cannot imagine me ever buying that stuff), I inadvertently looked into the light fixture. And what I saw was, well, not very Valentine-y. It was more Halloween-y. Dust. Dead bugs. General grossness.

We’ve lived in this house for almost nine years and I’ve never once cleaned out the light fixture. Is this something people do on a regular basis? I had no idea that needed to be on my list of things to one day get around to cleaning.

So instead of enjoying a relaxing afternoon waiting for my Valentine to get home, I was busy figuring out how to get the globes off (trickier than you think), vacuuming the fixtures, cleaning the globes and attempting to put the thing back together:

So, here I am, trying to vacuum out the light fixture. After about 10 seconds, it became clear I couldn't get it clean without removing the globes.

Globes off. This made vacuuming the fixture much easier!

At this point, I panicked. Look how clean the globe on the left looks! I thought, my word, I have done a terrible job of housekeeping if that's what the globes started like!

But after they dried, they went back to the opaque look, which made me feel much, much better.

Sean, with his Valentine cookies.

I realize you can't see the light fixture in the final picture. Just as well, because I couldn't figure out how to secure the globes back in place. They're basically just sitting up there. We're one wrong move away from hitting it and having them fall out and crash on the kitchen table. It didn't seem right to tell Sean during our dinner, and I've forgotten to mention it since. Surprise again, Sean! Ha ha ha... So honey, maybe that better go on the list of things to do this weekend.

I think I'll make reservations for next Februry 14.

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