Thursday, February 13, 2014

To my neglected Valentine

I hate Valentine’s Day. I have for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I vividly recall fretting over the fact that some kids might not get a card. I high school, the whole event seemed pointless, and in college, when Sean and I were dating, the day seemed ridiculous. Yes, I was one of those, “If you love me, don’t just show me on one day,” people. (I’m sure it was obnoxious.) I can only remember one time since becoming a mom that I even tried to do anything Valentine-y, and that was because Rebecca was so excited about it. But the bottom line is I can’t remember ever liking the “holiday.”

So I was quite surprised at the realization I had last week as I walked through the maze of pink and red everything at the grocery store. It hit me that this is the kind of holiday Sean would love. I bet he would totally get into Valentine’s Day if he weren’t married to a Valentine Scrooge. We’ve been together for 25 years and we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day.

I felt like such a, well, scrooge.

So this year, I’m packing away my bah humbug and pulling out some Valentine cheer. I am celebrating Valentine’s Day for Sean. Of course, the year I finally decide to make this a big deal he has plans on the actual night – the orchestra he conducts for the kids’ show is rehearsing – so I decided to make our Valentine’s Day today.

Surprise, Sean!

Now, honey, no going out a buying anything on the way home. This is not a trap and you will not be in trouble for not having anything for me. I still hate the day and think it’s dumb. But if you can go to not one but two Amy Grant weekends with me, the least I can do is celebrate the day of love for you. Because I do love you. And not just on February 14. Because saying, "I love you," on the day everyone says you have to is stupid.

Hmmm... clearly I have some work to do on the Scooge factor. 

Happy Early Valentine's Day, dear!

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  1. You are the most amazing wife. I love you and always will. Thanks for loving me back.


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