Monday, April 14, 2014

Back on dry ground

For the last six years, our family has been involved with Homeschool Peforming Arts (HPA). The kids have had roles in The Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables, The Wizard of Oz and The Pirates of Penzance, to name a few. This year, it was Titanic, the Musical. And the ship sank for the last of six times this past Saturday.

The past three weeks have found us ignoring school work, laundry, housework and everything else we do on a normal day. We've been consumed with the musical. Which is a wonderful thing. But now that it's over, I realize the house is a disaster, we haven't done much school for three weeks and I actually have to go to the grocery store and plan meals again.

Kind of wish I could get back on the ship...

Anyway, it was a wonderful run with 98 of the best kids you can possibly imagine. Sean conducted the orchestra again, and Michael helped usher. A family affair to be sure.

Today, Rebecca hopped on the math train, Michael's back at school, Amy and Sean went to work, and I will do my best to catch up on cleaning and cooking and laundry. But not before posting a few pictures, because I have priorities, people. I have ignored my dear blog for far, far too long!

Amy as Alice Beane and Rebecca as a third class passenger. 
Amy made it to a lifeboat; Becks went down with the ship.

HPA staff with this year's seniors. What a great group. I will miss 
them all, especially the one in the yellow blazer.

Full cast on the ship. Rebecca is far right by the rail.

Amy and the stewardesses backstage.

My favorite conductor!

The set was massive - the time the sets and painting teams
 put into this... Where would HPA be without the parents?!

Many thanks to Jill, Sam, Elizabeth, Grandma and Grandpa and 
Nanny and all our friends for coming! (And you, too, Michael.)