Monday, April 21, 2014

Look who's coming to dinner!

Over the weekend, I read a story about how even though they've dated for 12 years, Enrique Iglesias has never introduced his girlfriend to his father. (Do not judge my reading material. Sometimes a girl just has to read pap.)

How in the world is that possible? Twelve years and these three people have never been in the same room? Now, I understand the people involved are world-famous stars of music (Enrique and his father, Julio) and tennis (the girlfriend is Anna Kournikova) so they're busy people. But still. These busy people have access to gobs of money, money that can buy plane tickets, or planes for that matter, that will take them to the same location for a dinner meeting. Or drinks if a meal feels like too much of a commitment.

Over a decade and the dad has never met the son’s girlfriend. Inconceivable.

Which got me thinking about my children, one of whom is of dating age and the other who is hot on his heels and the third who will be there before we know it. (Yes, I said dating. We may homeschool, but “courting” just takes it a bit too far into the jumper/bun-wearing sphere.) If my kids think they can pull a stunt like that, they are sorely mistaken. We will meet the girlfriend/boyfriend. We will have dinner. We will have conversations. Lots of them. And we will know the people stealing our children’s hearts from us.

(Which reminds me: Michael, let's get a dinner on the books, like, pronto.)

Michael and Amy, take notice. Rebecca, you, too. Because there is not a chance in the universe that this type of story will be written about our family. Just thought I’d get that out there, in case y’all read the same story on Yahoo!. 

And to Enrique: twelve years of dating? Come on, man. Marry her for crying out loud. That piece of paper you think doesn't make a difference actually does.